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Warden Patrolled Ticketing - Questions & Answers

What does the service cost us?

Nothing, its FREE of charge, it is self funded from the tickets we issue and collect, not only that but we will give you 10% CASH BACK (including Vat) on the tickets we collect on at the original £60.00, meaning you will earn £6.00 paid monthly in arrears, we will even give you a secure online client log in to view all tickets issued and paid (our open book policy).

Will you offer a call out service only and no random patrols?

Yes we can but we will make an annual service fee charge of £1000.00 + Vat, as it restricts our potential income that helps fund the service.  You can of course if using our standard random patrol service call our 24 hour control room to report a vehicle and we will do our best to get a patrol asap.

Can we restrict the hours and days of enforcement?

Yes you can but we will make an annual service fee charge of £500.00 + Vat, as it restricts our potential income that helps fund the service.

What happens if the signs get vandalised or stolen?

We will replace them free of charge.

We already have no parking, and ticketing signs but it has not stopped illegal parking?

As our signs clearly show our Company name "Parking Ticketing Ltd", along with PCN charges, Control Room phone number and clearly belong to a parking enforcement company, due to the design and wording. Motorists take more notice of our signs and obey the restrictions, should they not our enforcement takes care of the small number of motorists who ignore the signs.

What happens if you damage a vehicle on my property?

We carry full Combined Liability Insurance (see our certificate), which covers us, to work on your property and we shall indemnify you against any claims that could arise.

We had a parking control company before but they never patrolled our site, are you different?

We, as a professional approved parking enforcement company, monitor and patrol all our sites regularly as this is our main source of income; also see what our existing clients say from our references.

That happens if vehicles don’t pay the PCN?

The details of the registered keeper will be requested from the DVLA and passed over to our retained Collections Company who will pursue collection, Court action may also be started.

Do I need a minimum amount of land / car park spaces?

No, as long as one vehicle can park, that's enough and there is no maximum.

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