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Warden Patrolled Ticketing - Introduction

FREE of Charge and 10% CASH BACK (subject to survey, service & T&C)

Parking Charge Notices have been widely used throughout the UK for many years by local authorities and now private land owners can also benefit from this enforcement system.

This is now the only legal way to control parking on private property as wheel clamping will be outlawed from the 1st October 2012 in England & Wales as in Scotland.  The Government has now passed laws to ensure that PCN,s issued an private property have the same teeth as those on street.

We are one of the few companies that are proud to be a member of The British Parking Association and hold Approved Operator Status and are bound by a strict Code of Practice.  We must add that in order to access the DVLA records you must be a member of The British Parking Association, not all operators are therefore it means any tickets they issue on private land can simply not be enforced.

Parking Ticketing will control your car park to ensure parking enforcement is applied firmly and consistantly.

With more and more vehicles on the roads than ever before and a poor public transport system if you provide parking for staff, customers, visitors etc, it has become a burden beyond belief. We at Parking Ticketing Ltd will relieve those pressures simply, professionally and cost effectively, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best - your business. Parking control / enforcement is a sensitive issue and our aim is to always ensure that the motorist is clearly informed of the parking restrictions by using large clear prominently located warning signs displaying the restrictions.

We strive to ensure the offenders are treated professionally and fairly (we have an Appeals & Complaints Procedure)

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