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Vacant Sites Wanted


Vacant Sites Wanted - Sites Wanted

Are you looking for additional revenue streams to help out during these difficult times?

Then you could cash in your car park or vacant land.

Start making money from your wasted spaces. Have you got a parking area that’s often empty, for example during evenings and weekends? Perhaps you’ve got land waiting for development or a decommissioned site that you’re struggling to sell? We could turn that wasted space into a cash generating asset by charging people to park there.

Here’s how……….

If the area isn’t already being used as a car park, we’ll get it set up at no cost to you and deal with any planning issues. It doesn’t matter whether your site will be available long term or just a few weeks.

Depending on the circumstances, we’ll either install a pay & display system or provide a parking attendant to charge drivers on exit. We may even be able to rent out spaces to neighbouring business.

We will put up clear signage, including notices explaining the parking charges and the parking charges payable for overstaying and our trained wardens will regularly patrol the area. We’ll give you parking permits to distribute to your own staff and other authorised users, so they can park for free.

You’ll benefit from the resulting revenue, plus our visible presence on the site will provide extra security.

You can simply sit back and watch the money come in!

Why leave valuable land sitting empty when people are willing to pay to park there.

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