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DIY Ticketing - Gold - How Much Money Can I Make?

Below are examples of what you could earn, to cover the cost of operating this service and provide you with an income towards the up keep of your car park & grounds.


Issue 1 PCN

Weekly                          Monthly                          Yearly

£30.00                          £130.00                         £1,560.00


Issue 2 PCN’s

Weekly                           Monthly                           Yearly

£60.00                          £260.00                         £3,120.00


Issue 5 PCN’s

Weekly                           Monthly                            Yearly

£150.00                        £650.00                          £7,800.00


Issue 10 PCN’s

Weekly                           Monthly                             Yearly

£300.00                        £1,300.00                         £15,600.00


Issue 15 PCN’s

Weekly                           Monthly                               Yearly

£450.00                         £1,950.00                           £23,400.00


Issue 25 PCN's

Weekly                           Monthly                               Yearly

£750.00                        £2,708.33                           £39,000.00


Issue 50 PCN's

Weekly                            Monthly Yearly

£1500.00                       £6500.00                           £78,000.00


Issue 100 PCN's

Weekly                            Monthly                              Yearly

£3000.00                       £13,000.00                         £156,000.00

All the above figures do not include the set up cost and the ongoing monthly costs for Client Web and Smart Mobile Devices and are as guideline only for PCN’s payment is received upon.

All payments are made monthly in arrears by BACs or by Cheque upon Invoice.



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