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DIY Ticketing Gold - How It Works

We will provide you with the latest smart phone app (Android) along with a back office Client Web which gives you total control over the entire system and enables you to have multiple operatives across multiple sites throughout the UK.

We will of course provide full training, on-site along with full telephone back up throughout the Contract period, remember because we are in partnership with you financially, unlike many other operators that simply sell you a pack or equipment and then forget about on-going support.

We will provide and install you warning signs, designed and worded for maximum effect in ensuring motorists know the rules of parking, clearly informing motorists of the consequences of unauthorised parking. The signs clearly state our company name so offenders can see the parking control is our responsibility and not yours.

For the few motorists who choose to ignore the warning signs, you simply login to the App on your smart phone, follow the simple on screen instructions to show parking offence committed, we will then send the via the postal service a Notice to Keeper advising of the offence commited by the driver withing 72 hours with a Parking Charge Notice or a Warning Notice should you wish to a first time offender, taking photographs using our smart mobile device, then your job is done as the smart mobile device will send all information and photos back to our servers and to your back office client web.

From this point forward we can take care of everything; appeals, complaints and processing of payments, all of which you as the client will be able to see on your back office client web, you will also be able to cancel any PCN you choose within 24 hours of issue (after this time limit charges will be payable) and also decide whether to uphold or refuse any appeal, you can even view the reply we sent, remember you are in total control.

The offending vehicle has 14 days to pay the PCN of £60.00 from the date of issue, after this charges will increase due to collection charges.

In the event that a PCN does not make payment within our legal department and Debt Recovery Agent shall undertake, at no expense to you, the collection of the parking charge, whereby we shall obtain the registered keeper's details from the DVLA.

This system is an effective intelligent way to solve your parking problems whereby you the client remain in total control of your car park with the back up and support of UK wide Parking Ticketing Ltd.

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