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DIY Ticketing Gold - Legality

The law requires that large, clear warning signs be displayed throughout the parking area, informing motorists of the restrictions in place, this is not only a legal requirement but also we believe it is very important that the motorist is clearly informed of the parking rules so that should they breach these and be issued with a PCN they had a clear opportunity to comply before the offence.

You will find that by using ourselves to provide and install our Parking Ticketing Ltd branded signage that inconsiderate parking will reduce due to motorists being able to see that an outside Contractor is actively monitoring the car park.

There must be sufficient warning signs clearly displayed so that they are easily visible from where a vehicle may park and subsequently be issued with a Parking Charge Notice and, should a vehicle park in such an area, they are entering into a contract agreeing to the terms of parking as displayed on the warning signs.

Parking Ticketing Ltd will provide and install all signage if the client requires this and it will be branded with our details and 24-Hour Control Room Helpline.

By parking the driver automatically enters into a Contract with you for you to issue a Parking Charge Notice.

You must ensure that you display sufficient Warning Signs throughout the parking area so that the motorist can clearly see them from wherever they park their vehicle.

Our legal department will undertake, at no expense to you, the collection of the parking charge. Where we obtain the vehicle licensing details from the DVLA we will not disclose data to you, due to legislation.

You must also agree to comply with th British Parking Associations Code of Practice for Parking on Private Land and Unregulated Car Parks, click here for details

This is a simple Code of Practice developed to ensure good practice and is simple to comply with and we will ensure that it is to follow.

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