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ANPR Ticketing - Questions and Answers


Is this system legal?

Yes it is, and is used by many Supermarkets & Retail Parks

What is the cost to us?

Using Option 1 there is no charge for the supply and installation of ANPR cameras, signage or even monitoring.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and insurance of your equipment on our site?

Using Option 1 we will maintain and insure all equipment on your site, including signage.

Can we cancel Parking Charge Notice if we wish?

Yes and no, it depends on the Option you choose, you choose the Option that suits your needs best.

Do we receive any of the Parking Charge Notice revenue?

With Option 1 no, with Option 2 yes a percentage dependant upon PCN value, Option 3 you have total control of all revenue.

Can we choose the amount of the Parking Charge Notice?

With Option 1 no as it is set at £60.00 if paid within 14 days, with Option 2 yes but the minimum value must be £60.00 if paid within 14 days, with Option 3 you decide to charge as you see fit (no minimum charge) or simply issue a warning letter.

What if people don't pay the Parking Charge Notice?

Should it not be paid within 28 days we will pass the matter over to our retained collections company who pursue the matter through the civil courts.

Can we obtain data about vehicle usage at our car park?

Yes with Options 2 & 3, i.e. the number of vehicles per hour, per day etc.

When do you issue the Parking Charge Notice?

It is issued 24 hours after the vehicle leaves the controlled area; in order to give you time to update the database if needed for authorised vehicles.

Do we need a minimum amount of spaces?

No, not for Option 3 but yes for Options 1 & 2.

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