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This service is particularly aimed at Supermarkets, Retail Parks & large retailers, that wish to stop commuters and or long term parkers taking up their valuable customer parking spaces, meaning a loss in revenue for the outlet or outlets.

ANPR is the latest technology in the market place using hi-tech CCTV cameras linked to our 24-Hour Control Room using wireless GPRS, whereby it automatically issues a Parking Charge Notice, delivered by Royal Mail to the registered keeper of the vehicle as held on the DVLA database to all vehicles that do not abide by the parking restrictions as advertised on the Warning Signs in the parking areas i.e. maximum stay, etc.

In all the above, it is important not to alienate the offending vehicle owners as they are potential customers, this is where ANPR is unique, as wheel clamping in these venues is not practical and certainly not accepted very favourably socially; also having an on-site Parking Officer has costs involved whereby ANPR can be offered FREE of charge (subject to survey and option chosen)

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